Data Center Cabinets


Multi-Factor Authentication using Card, PIN, Mobile and/or Biometrics.

As regulatory compliance and privacy requirements enforce stricter control and more visibility into access events, choosing a trusted security platform is of the utmost importance. BioConnect’s Link Solution allows you to implement and ensure trusted access for all your physical security needs. It is retro-fit solution for doors, data centers, MDF & IDF closets and data rooms that leverages multi-factor authentication. It is designed to help you keep up with evolving regulations, regardless of how your organization grows or how the threat landscape evolves. 


Standardized & Scalable

BioConnect’s unique, multi-layer security architecture provides real protection for data, users and infrastructure.

Risk-Based Authentication

Leverages multi-factor authentication to enable secure identity verification using Card, PIN, and Mobile authentication.

Centralized Automation

A platform built to grow with you. Centralized management for even the most complex deployment environments.


BioConnect Link

BioConnect Link for Data Cabinets and Remote Enclosures provides 24/7 security monitoring and flexible Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) including remote authorization with time based one-time passcodes (OTP). An IoT device and cloud software offering that increases the security of data center cabinets and remote enclosure infrastructure. Remotely enroll and authorize access by contractors and maintenance staff.

Solution Components

Swing Handle

Cost-effective solutions compared to traditional biometric options. Maintain existing user access privileges and policies.

Mobile Authenticator App (optional)

Choose from multiple mobile authentication options such as a mobile face verification or a simple yes/no approval.

Link Software

A platform to manage users, devices, rules, system configuration and two-factor authentication scheduling. 

Access Control Software (optional)

We integrate many leading building access control systems to simplify access management.

Who Benefits?

Ensures that work plans meet operational standards

  • Ensure that work plans are consistent with ISO, SOC, and HIPPA standards
  • Facilitate compliance with internal and external regulations
  • Easily gather the evidence required by regulatory bodies in a timely manner

Assesses threat levels and mitigates security incidents

  • Enjoy working with fewer applications with a unified security platform
  • Maintain full control of all your sites with centralized monitoring and reporting
  • Ensure compliance to processes when an event occurs

    Leads all aspects of IT services to support the goals of the data center

    • Ensure highest standards in cybersecurity with third-party evaluations
    • Monitor the health of your system to ensure continuous delivery and uptime
    • Easily manage multiple credentials with a single identity

    Maintains smooth operations by mitigating disruptions

    • Ensure operations are being followed according to plan
    • Define identity and access management rules to restrict access across sites

    Access Options

    The Link Solution offers multiple access options including Card, PIN and Mobile access. For higher levels of security, multiple methods of identity verification can be required before a cabinet can be accessed.




    Mobile Access

    With the BioConnect Link Mobile app, utilize the latest mobile access technology such as biometric and survey authentication. Users can be enrolled entirely remotely and use their mobile device to verify their identity when accessing a data server cabinet. Already using a digital authenticator? Leverage your existing authenticator apps such as HID Mobile Credential, DUO, Ping ID and Okta.

    Does your Data Center meet Compliance Requirements?

    Learn more about how BioConnect helps you meet Privacy & Compliance Regulations.

    Key Features

    Remotely and securely enroll and revoke access to visitors, contractors and maintenance staff.

    Our unique rolling-PIN solution allows you to pre-schedule limited-time access for contractors and maintenance staff.

    Extend your existing building access control system to anywhere your digital infrastructure grows, world-wide.

    Centralized policies and controls. Protects user PII and privacy with choice of opt-in and out. Exceeds data security encryption standards.

    Proactive monitoring and alerting with audit logging for complete visibility and insights into cabinet-level activity.

    Complete access control solution that can be run independently from the . Biometric option (mobile) not requiring costly biometric device.


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