BioConnect Trust Platform

One centralized platform to manage enterprise-wide authentication.


The BioConnect Trust Platform connects all your access control systems, biometric readers, mobile authenticators and small-space access control into one unified system that spans your entire organization.

Biometric Readers

Mobile Authenticators

Cabinets & Safe Security

Privacy & Compliance

Flexibility & Scalability

Biometric Expert Support


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Choose your authentication methods

Biometric Device

BioConnect Enterprise makes it easy and cost effective to integrate biometrics into your current access control system. With simple, secure and scalable features and functions, it is tailor-made for enterprises where verifying the true identity of people is critical for secure access to both physical facilities and software applications.

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Mobile Authenticator

The Link Solution allows any organization to implement and ensure trusted access for all their physical security needs. It is retro-fit solution for doors, data centers, MDF & IDF closets and data rooms that leverages multi-factor authentication technology commonly used in digital security to confirm a digital identity.

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Why choose BioConnect’s Trust Platform?

Identity Assurance & Risk-Based Authentication

Adaptable reader and mobile authentication options for complete identity assurance and curating trusted access to secure areas

Built for Privacy & Compliance

Centralized, unified platform that adapts to local requirements and the ever-changing regulatory requirements

Flexible, Scalable and Future-proof

Open API and the largest integration network covering 80% of the top PACS and 60% of the top digital MFA systems. Enables ‘Work from Anywhere’ remote and transient employee access


Key Features

Identity Assurance & Risk-Based Authentication

BioConnect enables trusted access across the enterprise by providing adaptable authentication and a layered approach to security

Risk-based authentication. Not all access points have the same security level and security levels change as threats change. Platform offers adaptable reader and mobile authentication options.

The BioConnect Trust Platform brings together the world’s best biometric and mobile technologies, so you know who is accessing your critical infrastructure.

Built for Privacy and Compliance

 The industry’s highest level of security and risk controls to enhance privacy and compliance


Reliable, secure, easy-to-use controls for SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS and NERC

Our platform provides a unique multi-layer security architecture to provide real protection to your data, your infrastructure and your users privacy, along with risk-based authentication.

Single, Unified Platform

Centralized administration, better security, higher efficiency and simpler compliance. The BioConnect Platform provides a unified view, with one pool of identities, one pool of devices, across all your buildings.


Physical data breach

Reduce the risk of a physical data breach by 50%


Regulatory Compliance

Reduce the risk of regulatory fines by 80%

Deployment and Integration

The BioConnect Trust Platform connects with your existing system and lowers your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Works with your Existing System

Existing multi-vendor system? Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing panels, readers and access control software to create a single unified security solution. No rip and replace.

Easy to scale

50 buildings and 50,000 employees? Our system can easily scale, while maintaining centralized administration of your users and devices.

Future-Proofed Technology

Need to future-proof your security investment? BioConnect is a leader in digital innovation. Our award-winning solutions continuously grow to bring you the latest security technology.

Supports 'Work from Anywhere'

Enterprises are shifting towards more remote and hybrid working environments in the post-COVID world. Our platform managed the added complexity and costs of managing access and enrolling remote employees.

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