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Enabling Trust in the Connected World

Founded in Toronto, Canada in 2010. Fast forward to today with offices now throughout the US & Canada and 1,600 customers globally.

For over 12 years, BioConnect has been providing biometric access control solutions to verify a person’s identity and protect your most valuable assets. 

BioConnect was the first to bring to market a biometric mobile authenticator for physical access. Allowing the enterprise to secure their physical doors and spaces with the use of biometric identity verification right from a mobile device.


When BioConnect introduced the Trust Platform, it enabled the enterprise to finally connect all of their existing access control systems, biometric readers, mobile authenticators and small-space access control into one unified system that spans the entire organization.

In 2021, BioConnect purchased MedixSafe, a long time BioConnect partner and supplier of solutions for secure access to Narcotics Safes, Cabinets and Lockers. Together BioConnect and MedixSafe are uniquely positioned to offer solutions to the toughest security problems that an organization faces, providing security at scale that establishes a strong level of trust by unifying a person’s identity across physical, IoT and digital applications.

We’ve grown alongside the industry


Company Founded

Toronto, Canada


Physical Access

BioConnect platform integrates into 80% of the access control market


Digital Access

Replacing tokens & other secrets with mobile authentication for enterprise applications


Unified Digital & Physical Access

Frictionless and passive authentication for physical and digital access


Sovereign Identity Utility

A continuous trust score for identity assurance across all platforms and applications


Security, at scale.

Unparalleled security. Enterprise scale.

BioConnect has been securing North America’s most-critical infrastructure and complex enterprise environments for over a decade, with industry-leading biometric access control.
Over 1,600 enterprises have chosen BioConnect’s platform to provide reliable, unified, secure access that grows at the speed of their business.

Meet the Team

The Founder

Rob Douglas

BioConnect Founder, Chairman, & CEO

Rob Douglas is the Chairman and CEO of BioConnect. Over the last fourteen years, he has been providing global market leadership in the biometric identity market.

With his strong business acumen, Rob sees the impact to fraud and operational friction to corporations, financial institutions, healthcare, education and government organizations that would save billions in costs if they simply interacted with people.

Industry Experience

Sales Manager

Enterprise IT Systems

Vice President, Sales

Enterprise Software

VP & General Manager

Fastest Growing Tech Company

Executive VP, Sales

CRM Restructure


Mobile Transform $80-140m


#1 Public Global Biometric Leader

BioConnect Executive Team

Courtney Gibson


Tammie Ashton

Chief Legal Counsel

Ryan Mueller

General Manager, IntelliView

Jeff Crews

General Manager, MedixSafe

Edsel Shreve

General Manager, BioConnect AI

Julia Webb

VP, Corporate Development

Leonie Christiani

Vice President, Operations

Justin Lyons



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