Mobile Authenticators

Use a mobile authenticator to access doors, digital applications, network access or cabinets. With a variety of verification methods, you can choose how you want to secure your access points.

Choose how you want to authenticate

Biometric Verification

Verify your identity using biometric face authentication from your mobile device


Opt for a customizable pre-entry survey for compliance or health status check

Yes/No Approval

Verify your identity with a simple push notification to your mobile device

3rd Party App

Utilize your existing mobile authenticators for physical access (ex. Duo, Ping ID, Okta)

Biometric Verification

Biometric face authentication for complete identity assurance

The BC Mobile Authenticator enables true identity assurance to protect your facilities. Users can authenticate their identity using biometric facial recognition.


Customizable Mobile Survey

Created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Mobile Wellness Survey is presented to visitors and employees prior to entry to your facilities. We have moved from having only to identify WHO you are but having to also identify HOW you are.

The survey questions can also be completely customized to meet your enterprise security, privacy and compliance needs.

Yes/No Approval

Approve or Deny access via mobile push notification

The BC Mobile Authenticator enables trusted access to protect your facilities. Users can authenticate with a simple yes/no approval via a push notification sent to their mobile device.

Third Party Applications

Leverage Existing 3rd Party Authenticators for Physical Access

With the BioConnect Link solution, customers can utilize their existing trusted authenticators used for digital access, at the door. Authenticators include DUO, Ping ID, and Okta.

BioConnect HID Mobile Credential


HID Mobile Credential

The BioConnect HID Mobile Credential allows any organization to implement and ensure trusted access for all their physical security needs. Unlock any HID Mobile Access compatible door with the BC Mobile Authenticator app. Add biometric authentication or a simple yes/no to your existing HID devices.


Security, at scale.

Unparalleled security. Enterprise scale.

BioConnect has been securing North America’s most-critical infrastructure and complex enterprise environments for over a decade, with industry-leading biometric access control.
Over 1,000 enterprises have chosen BioConnect’s platform to provide reliable, unified, secure access that grows at the speed of their business.

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