September 2, 2021

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BioConnect has finalized the purchase of MedixSafe from parent company E.S.S.C. (Electronic Security Specialist & Cabling). MedixSafe currently serves approximately 600 customers globally, meeting the secure narcotics storage needs of hospitals, pharmacies, fire departments, EMS ambulances, commercial and industrial clients, as well as the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy.

MedixSafe has been a long-standing customer of BioConnect, leveraging the company’s fingerprint solutions for trusted secure safe access. BioConnect will be integrating MedixSafe Narcotic Safes and Key Cabinets into BioConnect’s Trust Platform allowing MedixSafe customers to issue one card, biometric and / or mobile credential to use everywhere across previously disparate applications including access to mobile vehicles, buildings, safes, cabinets, and doors.

“Our purchase of MedixSafe is a natural progression of a long-standing partnership, after Medixsafe’s founder Jim Turner formed the company in 2009 and delivered the first MedixSafe solutions to Jericho, N.Y., Fire Department, the business has been trusted by hundreds of EMS, Hospitals and Clinics for their narcotic and secure asset storage. We look forward to welcoming MedixSafe customers and employees to the BioConnect ecosystem and the next chapter in this journey.” Rob Douglas, Founder and CEO, BioConnect.

Jim Turner, President and Founder of MedixSafe commented, “BioConnect will take MedixSafe to a new level. Their Trust Platform with one pool of identities for a range of security requirements will deliver significant value and innovation to the MedixSafe product line. MedixSafe customers have trusted us for over a decade to help them stay compliant with narcotic storage and other critical asset regulations. Having partnered with BioConnect over the years, I know there is a shared value in continuing Medixsafe’s commitment to exceptional customer experience and a low total cost of ownership.”

BioConnect will maintain MedixSafe operations based in Memphis, Tennessee.

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