A Biometric Platform Designed in North America.
Trusted Globally.

Trusted Access for
Doors Data Centers Narcotic Safes Networks the Enterprise.

Secure all your doors and access points with the latest biometric and mobile technologies.

#1 Provider of Suprema Biometric Readers Globally for the last 12+ Years

Higher security, privacy, and compliance to protect doors, cabinets, safes and digital access.

Traditional access control systems cannot scale and managing identities has never been harder. BioConnect offers the latest biometric devices and technologies to secure your doors and your entire enterprise in one platform. Know who is getting access to what, when, where and why with our mobile and biometric authenticators. Our products can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems – no ‘rip and replace’ needed.

Trusted to protect the most secure areas around the world.

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What We Offer

Every access point requires different levels of security. Choose how you want to authenticate to protect everything from your front door all the way down to your data center cabinet. 

What We Secure

Get peace of mind that your secure assets are safe, secure and accountable.



Protect all your doors from the front entrance, down to the server cabinet.

Protect your small space assets such as narcotics, keys and high value assets.


Asset lockers


Protect your digital assets with trusted identity assurance.




Not sure which device is for you?

Try our Solution Builder to create the perfect security solution for your needs.

Key Features


Trusted Access

Let the right people in, and keep the wrong ones out with the latest biometric and mobile technologies 


Privacy & Compliance

Know who is accessing what and when with automated email security alerts and insights.


Works with your System

No rip-and-replace. BioConnect integrates seamlessly with your existing panels, readers and access control software. Multiple, different vendors? No problem.


“Its easy to deploy, within 2 or 3 days we had the system in, running and online... Whether you’re using Software House or any another [access control system], its more plug and play than any other system I’ve dealt with in the past. Everything just works for us when using BioConnect. They make a great product and I like their people. You put that together, and you just can't beat it. ”

James Billingsley

Senior Facilities Security Specialist, UFCU

"Having a large number of rooms across multiple sites and high usage by staff meant it was important for NAS to manage the true identity of all who used the facility. The biometric devices have more than met our requirements. We now have true identity management and an integrated access control system that makes our environment more secure and functional."

Niall Bowen

Project Manager, National Ambulatory Services

"We chose BioConnect for several reasons, primarily the ability to integrate their system seamlessly with our system, but closely followed up by their feature set and quality of the [biometric readers] themselves. The almost immediate availability of the product – coupled with their excellent support – meant they really did stand out from the competition."

Matthew Butt

Managing Director, Netwise Hosting Ltd.


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