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Biometric Readers

Mobile Authenticator

Narcotics Safes & Key Cabinets

Biometric Readers

Secure access to your doors with the latest biometric technology.

FaceStation F2

Live face detection, 1.4GHz quad-core CPU, accommodates height ranges

FaceStation 2

Live face detection, 1.4GHz quad-core CPU, accommodates height ranges

BioStation 2

Outdoor fingerprint device with PIN, PoE, wifi compatibility


Fingerprint reader, compatible for mobile multi-factor authentication

BioEntry P2

1.0 GHz, CPU, Multi-RFID Card Support, Enterprise Level Capacity

BioLite N2

Fastest Matching Speed, IP67 Certified, Multi-RFID Card Reading

BioEntry W2

World’s fastest fingerprint device, IP67, Dust and Water Proof

Mobile Authentication Methods

Secure access to your doors, digital applications, networks, and more with the BC Mobile Authenticator.

Biometric Verification

Verify your identity using biometric face authentication from your mobile device

Yes/No Approval

Verify your identity with a simple push notification from your mobile device


Opt for a customizable pre-entry survey for compliance or health status check

Narcotics Safes & Key Cabinets

secure access and verifiable controls over your narcotics, keys and other vital equipment.

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Security, at scale.

Unparalleled security. Enterprise scale.

BioConnect has been securing North America’s most-critical infrastructure and complex enterprise environments for over a decade, with industry-leading biometric access control.
Over 1,000 enterprises have chosen BioConnect’s platform to provide reliable, unified, secure access that grows at the speed of their business.

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