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Data-privacy and biometric-privacy regulations are evolving rapidly, both on a state-by-state level and internationally. This has resulted in increased audit complexity and poses the risk of significant fines. Failing to comply with these regulations can cost business significantly: financially and reputationally.

Is your data at risk of breaching regulatory compliance?

Often, it is not clear what is required to not only maintain a secure server cabinet or enclosure, but also how to audit who has access it – or attempted to access it. Not all physical breaches are malicious in nature. Some are innocent in nature and can end in disaster.

A growing list of regulations require real-time detection and response to unauthorized access attempts and tampering.

The BioConnect Trust Platform helps meet these compliance requirements by not only preventing unauthorized access, but also through our unique security architecture. Reliable, full compliance lifecycle that provides real protection to your data, your infrastructure and your users’ privacy.



The Payment Card Industry Data Security (PCI DSS) is a framework to protect how cardholder data is stored and accessed. All companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information must maintain this secure environment globally.

What does this mean for you?

There are 12 requirements that must be met to be compliant. Requirement 9 addresses physical access restrictions to card holder data. It states that access for employees, temporary employees, contractors and visitors must be properly controlled and monitored.

The BioConnect Trust Platform was designed to solve this problem. It ensures that physical access to your data server cabinets and facilities are protected with the the highest level of identity verification. While also providing real-time monitoring and alerting in the event of a breach. Get complete insight into who has accessed when, where, when and why with BioConnect.


The HIPAA Act was created to protect patient health information. It defines policies, processes and procedures that are required for all companies that store, process or handle electronic protected health information. As Health Care Organizations move away from paper-based records, it has lead to a greater dependence on securing sensitive information.

What does this mean for you?

Patient health information needs to be protected. That starts with protecting the physical access to this data. BioConnect’s Trust Platform is purpose-built to secure physical access to data and secure spaces. Know exactly who is getting access to what, where, when and why with the latest biometric and mobile technologies to verify a person’s identity.


The Federal Information Security Act defines a framework of guidelines and security standards to protect government information and operations. FISMA requires federal agencies to develop, document and implement information security programs to protect sensitive data.

What does this mean for you?

NIST Special Publication 800-53 (Rev 4) section PE-6 relates specifically to the monitoring of physical access and is where the deployment of the BioConnect Trust Platform can help with your compliance strategy.



The North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP) is a set of standards aimed at regulating, enforcing, monitoring and managing the security of Bulk Electric Systems. These guidelines are to protect North American electric power substations from physical attack and are intended for Bulk Electric providers, utilities and physical security integrators.

What does this mean for you?

Compliance starts with ensuring that only the right people are getting access to the right resources and for the right reasons at approved times. This involves knowing exactly who has approved access and validating their identity with the right technology. Biometric authentication has proven to be a strong method to verify the identity of an individual. As use of biometrics for identity verification grows, the need for awareness on how to be compliant is paramount. BioConnect is your partner to provide Security, Privacy & Compliance to protect data and regulated goods better than anyone else in the world.

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