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Protect your critical infrastructure from physical security breaches with BioConnect Link for Data Center Cabinets and Remote Enclosures.

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Cyber Physical Security Risks Today

The risk of breaches to Data Center Cabinets, Wiring Closets and Remote Enclosures is cyber physical security blind spot for many large organizations. The traditional mechanical locks that protect cabinets today rely on a small number of industry standard keys that can be easily purchased on eBay or Amazon. A breach in one cabinet, at one remote office or one leased data center space, can have far-reaching impact to a company’s compliance and operations. Traditional access control systems cannot easily expand to address this problem; these systems are designed to secure building doors — and their high installation cost and operational complexity prevent them from reaching the scale required to protect the thousands of data cabinets and wiring closets found in large, distributed organizations.

Remotely enroll and authorize access to your server cabinets

Secure access for all visitors, contractors and maintenance staff. BioConnect Link for Remote Enclosures provides 24/7 security monitoring and flexible multi-factor authentication (MFA), including remote authorization with time based one-time passcodes (OTP).

Solution Components

Swing Lock Handle

A server cabinet Swing Handle Lock to securely open and close your data center server cabinet. Option to retrofit existing swing handle. 

Mobile Authenticator App (optional)

Choose from multiple mobile authentication options such as a mobile face verification. 

Link Software

A web-based console allowing admins to manage the overall solution – including managing users, access and devices.

Link Device

An intelligent device designed to facilitate the unification of physical security with mobile authentication.

Access Options

The Link Solution for Data Center Cabinets offers multiple access options including Card, PIN and Mobile access. For higher levels of security, multiple methods of identity verification can be required before a server cabinet can be accessed (Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA).



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Mobile Access App

The Link Solution for Data Center Cabinets incorporates the latest mobile technology with the BioConnect Link Mobile App. Users can be enrolled entirely remotely and use their mobile device to verify their identity when accessing the data server cabinet. Already utilizing a digital authenticator? Leverage your existing authenticator apps such as DUO, Ping ID and Okta to access your cabinets.

Key Features

Enroll Anywhere

Remotely enroll visitors, contractors and maintenance staff. Every cabinet is a remote enrollment point, enabling you to securely grant access to anyone, anytime, anywhere. With the BC Mobile App, credentials can be issued and revoked entirely remotely.


Time Limited Access

Our unique rolling-PIN solution allows you to pre-schedule limited-time access for contractors and maintenance staff, without the need for issuing cards and with full time-of-day controlCredential distribution can be safely done over email or over the phone. 


Extend Existing Building Access

Extend your existing building access control system to anywhere your digital infrastructure grows, world-wideSecure new locations with no waiting, re-enrollments, no extra cards to carry… and users are automatically added and removed from your existing systems, with no changes required to your credential-issuance flows. 

Privacy & Compliance

Our system uses a unique method of securely encrypting your user’s card, PIN and biometric data, at the cabinet-levelThis allows us to securely identify users and validate access – without transmitting data to the cloud that could be used to compromise your security or your users’ privacy. 

Not sure which device is for you?

Try our Solution Builder to create the perfect security soluton for your needs.

Credentials at Scale

Enroll anywhere. Use multiple PACS and/or extend your existing PACS. Enhance compliance with MFA using Card, PIN, Mobile or One Time Password. Our unique rolling-PIN solution allows pre-scheduled limited-time access.

Operating at Scale

All the benefits of IoT. Built from the ground up to provide a cloud-scale system. All the reliability of “autonomous edge”. Devices remain automatically synced with cloud servers and can run fully offline.

Installation at Scale

Installs like a network appliance. No panels. No custom power requirements. Fits inside your rack. One PoE connection for everything. Easy mobile setup with a web-based installer and integrated wifi hotspot.

Cybersecurity at Scale

A unique method of securely encrypting user’s card, PIN and biometric data, at the cabinet level. Logs, storage, and communications are fully encrypted. Hardware and software employ 11 layers of redundancy.

Use Cases

What can you protect in the data center?

Customer & Visitor Access

Employee Building Access

Server Cabinets and Racks/Cages

Maintenance and Service Access


Why Thinking Beyond Perimeter Fence Lines is Vital to Your Data Center Security

In today’s world, data is everything. With the increase in digitalization and the growing reliance on technology, organizations are continuously looking for ways to protect their data centers. A data center is the backbone of an organization and any breach in security…

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