July 9, 2020

BioConnect is thrilled to accept the first-place award for Best Emerging Technology in 2020 at the ISC West New Product Showcase for our Unified Mobile Access Solution.  BioConnect’s Unified Mobile Access solution, BioConnect Link, is an enterprise-grade security solution, complete with privacy controls, that enables organizations to leverage IT-approved mobile authenticators, like Duo, PingID, Okta, and BioConnect Mobile for physical access. The low-cost retrofit solution is designed to allow users to use their mobile phones to instantly bring higher security to any door, data center, network closet, server cabinet, and other equipment. BioConnect Link sends smart, rules-based step-up requests to a user’s mobile for added security, without requiring the replacement of existing access control systems, readers or cards. A simple on-premise install securely syncs user data with leading access control providers such as Genetec, Lenel, AMAG, SoftwareHouse, Brivo, Open Options and many others. 

Rob Douglas, BioConnect Founder, Chairman and CEO, commented, “Now more than ever, trusted access is critical to the safety and wellness of enterprises. BioConnect Link’s disruptive approach to adding higher security at any access point without a requirement to modify existing infrastructure changes the options for facility managers. I am thrilled that the SIA and New Product Showcase judges selected BioConnect Link for being the best emerging technology in 2020 and proud of the BioConnect team that has been working tirelessly to bring this solution to market.” 

The solution launched earlier this year has evolved alongside the COVID-19 Global Health Crisis to address the challenges enterprises face to safely reopen by including a new mobile Wellness Declaration Survey. Users can complete the wellness survey from anywhere at any point in time. If a user has not completed the survey that day prior to arriving at your location, they will be prompted to complete the survey upon tapping their card at the door. This allows for a detailed audit-log for enterprises to ensure the health and safety of all employees and to aid in meeting new compliance standards and regulations. 

BioConnect has been developing industry-leading technologies for the past 10 years and the Unified Mobile Access Solution is currently being consumed and is available for purchase upon request. You can build your own custom security solution, including the award-winning Unified Mobile Access Solution, at www.bioconnect.com/get-started/