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Protect the safety of your employees and visitors using

Multi-Factor Authentication with Wellness Declaration

Designed to help companies prevent a second wave of COVID-19. Employees or visitors seeking to enter a building confirm their health status before being granted access to facilities.

How it Works

A user taps their card at your facility.

If user has not already completed the survey that day, receives a mobile push notification to complete Wellness Declaration prior to entry.

Upon successful completion of survey, access to door is approved!

Flexible and convenient

Complete Survey Anywhere, Anytime.

Users can complete the survey from anywhere at any point in time. If a user has not completed the survey that day prior to arriving at your location, they will be prompted to complete the survey upon tapping their card at the door.

Key Benefits

Wellness-Based Access Control

Enable survey authentication to protect your people and deny at-risk user access.

Touchless door authentication

Minimize contact points using no-touch physical access with a mobile authentication solution.

Alerts aND Visibility for MAnagement & HR

Get alerted as-it-happens. Receive alerts through apps you use today (ex. Slack) if an individual is denied access.

Comply with safety requirements

Safety rules and regulations for returning to offices require certain protocols to ensure the health and wellness of your employees and visitors.

Solution Components

Link Device

An intelligent device designed to facilitate the unification of physical security with mobile authentication applications. Easy Installation, less than 30 minutes.

Link Admin Console

A platform to manage users, devices, rules, system configuration and two-factor authentication scheduling. Syncs users via the solutions ACM sync feature.

Link Mobile Authenticator

The second factor of authentication to the presented card. This can be BioConnect’s provided mobile authentication app (for Wellness Declaration, Biometric or Simple Yes/No Approval), or a supported 3rd Party Authenticator.

Want to know more about what the Link Solution offers?

Strengthened Security with

Mobile Multi-Factor Authentication

Pick and choose how you want to authenticate

The BioConnect Link Solution offers multiple authentication methods that can be layered together or used individually with the BC Mobile Authenticator App.

Wellness Declaration

Protect the safety of your people and environments with the Mobile Wellness Declaration.

Yes/No Authentication

Simple yes/no mobile authentication using our BC Mobile App or one of our supported authenticators.

Mobile Biometric Authentication

Add a layer of security by enabling mobile biometric authentication using facial recognition.

Ready to get started?

Learn more about how Wellness Declaration can help protect your enterprise.

Enabling Trust in the Connected World

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