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BioConnect Link

An Intelligent Device Designed to Facilitate Secure Physical Access 

The BioConnect Link device is the key component of the Unified Mobile Access solution allowing for a cost-effective and retro-fit solution to increase the physical security of an enterprise or data center. 

Mobile authentication app with Verification Request on the screen

BioConnect’s  Link Solution  Wins

Best Emerging Technology in 2020

at ISC West New Product Show Case


Be up and Running in 30-minutes or Less 

A convenient, flexible and scalable method of adding an additional layer of security to physical access points with step-up authentication. 

Designed to Combat Second-Wave COVID-19 Spread

New Product Feature

Wellness Declaration Step-Up

Designed to help companies mitigate the spread of the second wave of COVID-19. All employees seeking to enter a building receive a ‘health status step up’ mobile authentication request to confirm their current health.  The new solution will offer the ability to monitor, grant or deny entrance access of individuals who may pose a potential risk to the health and safety of other employees.

Recommended Implementations

The BioConnect Link device can be installed in the following use cases:

Enterprise Doors, Network Closets and Data Rooms

Data Center Cabinets

Data Center End-of-Line Solution 

Add Mobile Authentication to your Existing Access Control System with the Components:

IoT Device

Installed in under 30 minutes. An intelligent device that works with rules-based access policies.

View the Installation Guide 

Existing Card Reader

Any Wiegand card readers will work with the BioConnect Link and the Unified Mobile Access solution. We recommend using an HID reader for best results. 

Access Control Software

Optional component – not required for data center use case. We integrate with the top 15 access control systems in the market so you can continue to use your existing and trusted software.

View our Access Control Technology Partners 

Mobile Authenticator

Link works seamlessly with both BioConnect’s own mobile biometric app or Duo Security as your 2FA solution. More integrated authenticators coming soon.

Learn More About the Duo Security Integration 

Product Feature

Smart, Rules-Based Access

With custom configuration for security administration, notifications for abnormal activity and the ability to set schedules for additional security levels, like after-hours access.

Available Now

Bring digital identity to the door with BioConnect.

Enabling Trust in the Connected World

Proud recipient of support from the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.