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Unified Mobile Access

A retrofit solution to add two-factor authentication to doors, data centers, and network closets.

Mobile Biometric Authentication

A mobile app solution to add biometric authentication to secure logical access requests.

Physical Biometric Security

Strengthen trust and security in your enterprise by adding biometrics to your access control system.

Biometric Devices

From touch-less facial to fingerprint recognition, take a look at our world-class biometric hardware options. 

BioConnect Labs

Enabling trust in the connected world by inspiring continued innovation with customers and partners.

Systems Integrator Incentive Program

Learn how to earn money by selling the BioConnect solution. Complete with educational seminars.

Digital Event Schedule

Rob Douglas Keynote Kickoff: Wednesday March 18th – Friday March 20th at 10 am EST
Cool Tech with Courtney Lunch Breakout: Wednesday March 18th – Friday March 20th at 12pm EST
Identity & Physical Security Expert Panel Discussion: Friday March 20th at 1pm EST

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Trusted by Leading Organizations

Trusted by Leading Organizations

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Our unique solutions for Doors, Applications, Data Centers and Unified Access can be tailored to your enterprise needs.

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Learn how we increase security and identity assurance across the enterprise.

Unified Access

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For Doors

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For Applications

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