Version 5.1

BioConnect Enterprise

The latest release of BioConnect Enterprise software is an exciting one with new features such as:

  • Consent tracking
  • Excel imports
  • New Suprema firmware support for OSDP
  • 2 Person Authentication
  • ‘Door Held Open’ and ‘Forced Open’ Alerts


New Features

Consent Tracking

Capture and track user consent for enroll and use of their biometric data in an auditable manner. Prevent biometric enrollment of users who have not completed the due diligence by providing consent. This feature covers both traditional biometric as well as mobile platforms.

Excel Import

Now supports adding and removing users from BioConnect Enterprise from an Excel file. This file will synchronize every 5 minutes or can be manually synchronized.

OSDP Support

New firmware supports OSDP in the latest release on the following devices: LR1, BEW2 (Card + Biometric), F2 (Card + Biometric).

Two-Person Authentication

This feature allows a door to require two people to authenticate before it can be opened (BioStation 2 Only). Access logs will include authentication details from both users.

New MedixSafe Only Features (For Narcotic Safes + Key Cabinets)

‘Door Held Open’ Alerting

Enable alerting anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes after a door has been held open to ensure proper security of your assets. When time is exceeded, the alarm will sound at the device. Available for BioStation 2 only.

‘Door Forced Open’ Alerting

This feature enables an alarm to sound if a door has been forced open to ensure the protection of your assets.


What is consent tracking for biometric systems?

Within the next three years most enterprises will be operating in jurisdictions that require consent from users before biometric enrollment, following in the footsteps of Europe (GDPR), Illinois (BIPA) and California (CCPA). Traditional point-to-point integrations can easily create gaps in your operational controls that can result in breaches and fines.

Gather User Consent for Biometric Capture

To help comply with biometric privacy laws in various parts of the world, the BioConnect Trust Platform enables you to capture user consent for enrolling biometric data. A unique alphanumeric code will be emailed to the user after completing a Consent form. This alphanumeric value is further validated at the time of enrollment and the enrollment is allowed to take place only if the validation is successful. The date and time of consent and enrollment is captured for auditing purposes.

ACM Integrations


ACM Software Version Requirements
Amag Symmetry 9.4* Data Connect
Brivo On Air, Access* Brivo REST API
Genetec Security Center 5.9, 5.10** Genetec SDK 5.5 or higher
KeyScan Aurora v1.0.22* SDK “AUR-SDKB”
Lenel Onguard 7.6, 8.0 Enterprise System API Integration
Open Options DNA Fusion 8.0 * Flex API
RS2 Access It! Universal v 8.0.1
S2 Netbox v 5.2
Software House C-CURE 9000 Client v 2.9


** Note Pin Sync from Genetec is not available for Security Center 5.10. Please use Security Center 5.9 if you need Pins to be synced to BioConnect.

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