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Our Commitment to Keeping Enterprises Safe and Secure

BioConnect Cares is an initiative designed specifically to minimize the chances of a second wave of COVID-19 spread as employees return to company offices. 


Integrated into 80% of Top Access Control Systems

Mobile Facial Recognition

Card + Mobile Biometric Authentication 

A touchless solution for physical access will help to reduce the spread of, and potential second wave of COVID-19.

BioConnect is offering 90-days of free touchless access for your enterprise using BioConnect Link and BioConnect Mobile.


  • No-touch mobile face biometric for high security of physical access
  • Do-it-yourself installation and activation, prior to re-opening offices
  • Securely enroll your employees from home, prior to returning to the office
  • A low cost, retro-fit solution with 90-days free ($20/door/month, unlimited number of users + $195 one-time cost for Link device)

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Facial Recognition Reader

Biometric Authentication

Facial recognition for touchless physical access across your enterprise.

BioConnect is offering Suprema Facial Recognition devices for 25% off for a limited time.


  • No-touch biometric for high security of physical access
  • Frictionless employee experience
  • Well suited for high-throughput doors
  • Security industry-approved biometric readers

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Offer expires June 30th, 2020 – Quantities limited for qualified customers.

Designed to Combat Second-Wave COVID-19 Spread

New Product Feature

Wellness Declaration Step-Up

Designed to help companies mitigate the spread of the second wave of COVID-19. All employees seeking to enter a building receive a ‘health status step up’ mobile authentication request to confirm their current health.  The new solution will offer the ability to monitor, grant or deny entrance access of individuals who may pose a potential risk to the health and safety of other employees.

Product Disinfecting Recommendations

Cleaning and Disinfecting Devices

What You Will Need: Use rubbing alcohol (containing 70% Isopropyl alcohol) and a clean, non-abrasive cloth. 

Step 1: Moisten the cloth with a small amount of rubbing alcohol.

Step 2: Gently clean all exposed surfaces of the device including the fingerprint/facial recognition sensor.

Free Informational Webinar: Importance of Touchless Access During These Uncertain Times with Sensory and RankOne


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