Version 5.3

BioStation 3

Introducing the All-New, AI-Powered Suprema BioStation 3 Multi-Modal Facial Authentication Device.

BioStation 3 uses AI-based facial authentication for best-in-class matching, both in terms of accuracy and speed while boasting the smallest form factor of any biometric device yet.

DECEMBER 2023 Release

New Features

  • Fast and Smart AI Optimized for Facial Authentication Access
  • Nonstop Pass Through with 0.2 Second Matching Speed
  • Protected Against Facial Spoofing
  • Highly Accurate in Any Environment
  • Supports Photos for Enrollment, Providing Full Privacy and Compliance with BIPA, CUBI, CCPA and Other State-Specific and Industry-Specific Compliance Regulations

ACM Integrations


ACM Software Version Requirements
Amag Symmetry 9.4* Data Connect
Brivo On Air, Access* Brivo REST API
Genetec Security Center 5.9, 5.10** Genetec SDK 5.5 or higher
KeyScan Aurora v1.0.22* SDK “AUR-SDKB”
Lenel Onguard 7.6, 8.0 Enterprise System API Integration
Open Options DNA Fusion 8.0 * Flex API
RS2 Access It! Universal v 8.0.1
S2 Netbox v 5.2
Software House C-CURE 9000 Client v 2.9


** Note Pin Sync from Genetec is not available for Security Center 5.10. Please use Security Center 5.9 if you need Pins to be synced to BioConnect.

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