1. Biometrics
  2. Fully Integrated Solution
  3. Readily Available Support
  4. Scalability

The Challenge

With over 20 branches in Texas, the University Federal Credit Union (UFCU) is a large credit union with sensitive and critical physical assets, including data infrastructure. The role of the Security Managers is to ensure the security of employees, members, visitors, and physical assets at all times. 

UFCU’s previous security system faced challenges due to the separation of two different systems – a stand-alone biometrics system and a card system – that were not working together seamlessly. The lack of a centralized system created an inefficiency in UFCU’s security posture, and therefore the security managers sought a more robust solution. As UFCU expanded to more branches, the limitations of these systems became more and more evident. They lacked scalability and couldn’t accommodate the growing user base across the branches. 

In 2020, UFCU decided to improve its security standards because of the COVID-19 pandemic by providing a safe space for its employees and members. Additionally, they could no longer receive support due to their legacy system. UFCU wanted to forego access cards because employees were losing them too often. The loss of access cards created a security threat and additional cost to replace the cards. This confluence of challenges paved the way for a transformative solution. 

The Solution

As a result of their need for centralized management, UFCU chose BioConnect and Suprema for their biometrics platform because BioConnect integrates with the existing access control system, and Suprema offers unrivaled flexible and reliable biometric hardware technology. UFCU utilized Software House for its physical access control system. This was a key piece as BioConnect had built a deep embed integration with Software House to ease centralized management. The seamless integration enabled UFCU to control its entire security system across all locations from one platform. The BioConnect Enterprise software also enables UFCU to scale its system without compromising security. 

BioConnect has been incredible. The software provides a strong integration with Software House CCURE that enables our team to manage all users and logs from one platform. The integrated solution not only brought strong security to UFCU, but ease of mind.  

Jesse Owens 

Facilities Security Specialist, UFCU 


UFCU selected Firetrol Protection Systems as its systems integrator to install the Suprema fingerprint devices, the BioConnect Enterprise software, and Software House CCURE software. Firetrol has a strong relationship with BioConnect as it is one of the Southern Region’s largest systems integrators. According to James Billingsley, Firetrol has “two of the best Software House technicians in Texas, if not the whole of Southern USA”. The strong relationship between Firetrol and BioConnect, combined with the technical prowess shared between both teams resulted in a swift and smooth installation process. 

The Result

The transformation was striking. Over 200 fingerprint devices, strategically placed across 15+ locations, fortified UFCU’s security posture. The journey of expansion continued as UFCU opened new branches, a testament to the newfound scalability achieved without sacrificing security. The adoption of Suprema W2 devices in tandem with BioConnect Enterprise and Software House CCURE delivered a seamless and robust experience, not only for the Facilities Security team but also for employees navigating the premises. 

The promptness and effectiveness of BioConnect’s Technical Services team was exemplary. Swift issue resolution, minimal service interruptions, and even after-hours and weekend support showcased BioConnect’s commitment to UFCU’s security standards. The synergy between BioConnect’s technical prowess and UFCU’s security goals painted a picture of trust and reliability. 

BioConnect’s Technical Services team has always been overly accommodating for any emergency on weekends. The techs are very supportive, know the system well, and can find the problem and the solution promptly. I always know I have support if I need it.  

James Billingsley 

Senior Facilities Security Specialist, UFCU