Project Requirements

  1. Single software that can be implemented across all locations and access systems
  2. Central server to manage all locations security systems
  3. Biometric readers that can be integrated to this system


“…They [locations] didn’t talk to each other… we’d log into one software application to do non-biometric functions and then log into a second application to do a biometric function.” – Kelly Lane, Director Data Center Operations at DataBank

As Databank began to expand their operations, each new market was deployed independently, without a central management system. The result was a lack of standardization and increased administration time as each market was running a stand-alone BioConnect instance. Moreover, Databank had begun deploying biometric cabinet locks from a 3rd party vendor in response to customer demand. These required yet another piece of software to manage.

Since each of these instances also operated their own database, Databank’s customers would have to re-enroll in each market in order to gain access. This resulted in increased lobby wait times and duplicate biometric data. It was clear that if Databank were to continue scaling they would need to transition to a centralized access control management system for their biometric security.


In order to move towards centralized access control management for their access control and biometrics Databank decided to deploy BioConnect Enterprise. This gave them the ability to move all of their biometric security under one centrally controlled system which also maintained integration to Lenel Onguard. Databank also chose to standardize on BioConnect’s Cabinetshield device for cabinet security. This allowed them to control cabinet and perimeter biometric security under one platform while continuing to offer leading dual-factor (biometric + card) technology for customers who are considering PCI compliance at the server cabinet.


The result of Databank’s migration to a central server has been extremely beneficial for them. They were able to find a solution to the immediate challenge of scaling biometric security across markets while reducing administration time and improving customer experience.

Centralized Server

With the migration to a BioConnect Enterprise Regional Server, Databank now has better visibility into their various markets, more advanced analytics and reporting and the ability to better scale their operations by providing a single standardized approach to biometric security. Their centralized access control management system also maintains direct integration into Lenel Onguard.

Customer Experience

BioConnect Enterprise has allowed Databank to provide a more seamless enrollment experience to their customer base. By standardizing on the CabinetShield product and BioConnect Enterprise Databank has been able to move away from multiple software platforms and towards a single shared database. This means that customers are able to enroll once into the BioConnect system and have that template be accessible at all Databank locations from the perimeter, to the data hall and right down to the server cabinet. This provides a much more seamless enrollment experience for their customer base.

Increased Security

BioConnect Enterprise gives Databank the ability to upgrade their reader hardware to the BioEntry W2. This device includes latest security features like live finger detection and increased local memory storage. This ensures that Databank stays ahead of the curve in terms of biometric technology and continues to provide the highest level of security to their customers.

About Databank

Databank is a market leader in the colocation space. Since being acquired by Digital Bridge in mid 2016 Databank has scaled their footprint across the United States. They currently operate 14 data centers in 8 markets and provide colocation services to clients from a variety of industries including healthcare, accounting/finance and government.

Biometrics has always been a core part of Databank’s business. As a colocation provider it is critical to provide the highest level of security to their customers while also meeting regulatory compliance standards. Databank has used the BioConnect platform to help meet these requirements since early 2014 and has deployed Suprema/BioConnect products on every critical access point in their facilities, from the perimeter doors, data hall entry points, customer cages and even right down to the rack level.