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Doors | Biometric Hardware

Secure Every Physical Access Point with Trusted Biometrics

We provide a suite of the world-renowned biometric hardware, allowing only authorized users to gain access to restricted areas.

Add Biometrics to your Existing Access Control System with these  Components:

Access Control Software

We integrate with the top 15 access control systems in the market so you can continue to use your existing and trusted software.

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Biometric Hardware

Purchase Suprema biometric hardware from your access control provider for proven assurance at all access points.

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Integration Software

Our integration software, BioConnect Enterprise, makes it easy and cost effective to integrate biometrics into your current access control system.

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Biometric Devices

BioEntry W2

Fingerprint Reader

World’s Fastest Fingerprint Device, IP67, Dust and Water Proof


BioStation 2

Fingerprint Reader

Outdoor Fingerprint Device, PoE (Power over Ethernet), Wifi Compatibility


BioEntry P2

Fingerprint Reader

1.0GHz CPU, Multi-RFID Card Support, Enterprise Level Capacity


BioMini Plus 2

Fingerprint Enrollment

BioMini SDK, Improved Optical Sensor, IP65 Sensor Surface


BioLite N2

Fingerprint Reader

Faster Fingerprint Matching Speed, IP67 Certified, Multi-RFID Card Reading

FaceStation 2

Facial Recognition

Live Face Detection, 1.4GHz Quad-Core CPU, Accommodates Height Ranges




Multi-Door Controller

Centralized Access Control, Secure Data Transmission, Multiple Inputs and Outputs

Secure I/O 2

Door Controller

Easy installation, Enhanced Security, Low Cost

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Future proof for the impending global transition to IPv6 and ensure that only certified devices can connect to the corporate network with 802.1x protocol.




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Enabling Trust in the Connected World

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