Version 1.6

The latest release of BioConnect Link is an exciting one with new hardware for our safes and software features such as:

  • FBI-Certified Fingerprint Access for Safes
  • New Design & LCD Screen for Safes
  • Robust Audit Logs & Data Visualization


New Features

Enhanced Audit Logging & Data Visualization

With Link 1.6, User Management and Access Logs user interface has been revamped to provide a better visualization of information for customers. User Management page will now show Card/UserID, PIN and Fingerprint credentials per customer. Access Logs have been updated to show information such as Door Forced Open, Door Held Open, door status and remote authorization for all Safe Mode devices.

Fingerprint Safe Access

BioConnect is the largest provider of biometric security in North America and has been providing the leading biometric technology for over 14 years. Our latest release offers the newest Biometric Link Device to secure your safes. 

This is the most advanced, scalable, and secure biometric EMS/Fire Station Safe in the world.

If you need to know who gets access to your narcotics to meet DEA compliance, this is the strongest solution in the market.

The 1.6 release offers the launch of safes with Biometric fingerprint authentication capability for access. BioConnect Link 1.6 can now support Fingerprint only, Card/UserID/Fingerprint and Card/UserID + Fingerprint modes as methods of access for any safe.

New LCD Screen

LCD Screens are now available on Safes to provide helpful feedback to customers. These screens will provide prompts, guidance and other helpful operational information.