As the anticipation builds for ISC West 2024 in Las Vegas, the premier destination for the latest innovations in security technology and networking opportunities, BioConnect stands ready to showcase cutting-edge solutions that redefine access control and authentication. At our booth, attendees will discover five compelling reasons to visit us, each highlighting our commitment to innovation, convenience, and security. From pioneering face authentication solutions to comprehensive Trusted Identity Services and proactive Managed Services, BioConnect offers a holistic approach to secure identity management. Moreover, our exploration into ‘Smart Spaces’ and ‘Adaptive Authentication’ promises to bring unprecedented security and compliance to traditionally overlooked areas. Join us at ISC West 2024 @ Booth #22109 to experience the future of security firsthand.

1. Learn how you can deploy a Face Authentication solution with No Enrolment required.

All biometric systems require some sort of enrolment step or process to create your biometric templates. This has traditionally been accomplished at an enrolment station or guard station requiring your physical presence. Newer solutions allow you to leverage email or other more convenient options. All options require you to organize users to enrol them, in many cases requiring them to physically visit a location. Convenience options like email still require security processes to ensure that the system cannot be compromised by bad actors.

BioConnect is leveraging and extending its 14 years of expertise integrating to your secure PAC systems to now integrate employee photos and automatically create the initial facial authentication template. The template subsequently gets strengthened with use. The benefits of this type of enrolment capability are numerous, including:

  • Leveraging photos stored in your PAC system which are securely associated with the user and their credential.
  • Eliminating the need to organize and chase people down to get enrolled in the system, whether physically visiting a facility or digitally over email.
  • You can now either use face authentication in conjunction with another biometric modality (like fingerprint, iris or other face authentication) without having to re-enrol anyone. If your goal is to replace and modernize your biometric security system to leverage face authentication, you can replace those devices without having to re-enrol your users.
  • Decreases your overall project costs by removing the requirement of reserving or training your resources to enroll or re-enrol employees.

2. Learn about how we’ve combined our Software, Hardware and Expert Services into a single solution called Trusted Identity Service.

Traditional security systems are typically packaged and sold in a combination of hardware, software, technical support and expert services. All with various options and features to choose from.

BioConnect has been moving to models that package everything the integrator and customer require for their biometric and multi-factor authentication needs over the years. This has culminated in our recently launched Trusted Identity Service which provides all of the following in a packaged multi-year subscription service:

  • All of the software and features required to deploy including Consent Management and Replication/High Availability for large scale deployments.
  • World-leading face authentication or fingerprint authentication biometric devices including outdoor use.
  • Access to the best experts in the market to consult on installation best practices, enrolment best practices and provide quarterly system health checks on your deployment.

3. Learn how we can ensure the long-term health of your biometric, multi-factor authentication systems via our Managed Services offerings.

Deploying a secure, stable, high-performance, and scalable biometric authentication solution requires not only deep knowledge about how the system works but also about all of the other systems and technologies involved in making sure it remains stable and secure. This can include knowledge of how your PAC systems work in detail, IT security requirements, server, database and network knowledge and troubleshooting and alerting tools to name a few. In addition, over time these items change as you upgrade systems and establish new architecture and policies.

BioConnect has cultivated the leading experts who understand in depth not only our solutions but all of the other systems and processes required for successful deployment and ongoing system health. We have packaged this expertise in a Managed Services offering where we take over the ongoing management and maintenance of the biometric authentication system to ensure ongoing stability, security and scalability. 

The benefits to End Users and System Integrators include:

  • Risk Mitigation – leverage system experts to manage risks associated with the long-term health, performance and integration of your biometric authentication system.
  • Cost Reduction and Cost Predictability – reduce the personnel and the associated specialized training required to implement, manage and upgrade your system.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction – by taking on operational functions, delivering proactive system monitoring and health checks and collaboratively planning for future changes and upgrades.

Via this multi-year packaged service you ensure access to the top experts in the industry as well as participate in our long-term product development and delivery plans.

4. Learn about what we call ‘Smart Spaces’ and ‘Adaptive Authentication’ and how we can bring the same level of security and compliance you experience in your buildings to these traditionally unmet needs and areas.

In our recent blog, What is a ‘Smart Space’ & Are They Overlooked By Traditional Access Control Systems?, we outlined in detail what we call Smart Spaces and Adaptive Authentication. We have defined a Smart Space as a physical area or enclosure containing valuable assets that require the same level of security that we have applied to doors, rooms and buildings. They may be smaller in size, maybe not connected to your PAC system or even your network but still require very high security and audit trail.

The main requirements include:

  • High identity assurance of the people accessing the Smart Space. This is accomplished via ‘adaptive authentication’ capabilities that allow control over who can access the space. Adaptive Authentication is the ability to apply flexible authentication capabilities and policies depending on your environment and standards. Examples include any of or a combination of biometric authentication, mobile-based authentication (biometric and/or digital such as DUO or Okta), card access, PIN access and/or mobile credentials.
  • High audit trail and reporting capabilities of access events and authentication events to meet compliance requirements including the ability to create a high chain of custody processes for critical assets that are contained within the Smart Space including RFID tagging.

 5. Come watch The Masters and have a beer, on us!

Maybe we should have put this first… We’ll have the Masters on the screen and the keg is back!

With our groundbreaking facial authentication solution eliminating the need for traditional enrolment processes, and our Trusted Identity Service bundling software, hardware, and expert services into a seamless package, we’re revolutionizing the way security is approached. Moreover, our Managed Services ensure the ongoing health and stability of biometric authentication systems, providing peace of mind to end-users and system integrators alike. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore our advancements in ‘Smart Spaces’ and ‘Adaptive Authentication,’ promising unparalleled security and compliance in every aspect of access control. Join us at ISC West 2024 @ Booth #22109 and witness the future of secure identity management with BioConnect.

Are you ready to experience the future of physical security and access control?

Mark your calendars for April 10-12, 2024, because ISC West 2024 is taking over the Venetian Expo in fabulous Las Vegas, NV—and BioConnect is at the forefront. Make sure to pre-book one-on-one time with our team of security experts for an exclusive walkthrough of our latest advancements at Booth #22109