BioConnect has a 14-year history of deploying biometric and multi-factor authentication solutions integrated into the top Physical Access Control (PAC) platforms in the market. This experience has simultaneously uncovered a segment of requirements that have not been a part of the typical scope of a PAC system. We call these areas ‘Smart Spaces’ or previously we described them as ‘Small Spaces’.

In this blog, we will define what we mean by a Smart Space and some of the characteristics and challenges in bringing the highest levels of security to these spaces.

What are the Characteristics of a Smart Space?

We have defined a Smart Space as a physical area or enclosure containing valuable assets that require the same level of security that we have applied to doors, rooms, and buildings. Some characteristics include:

  • They are typically smaller in size and, in most cases, have no people physically moving through the space.
  • They are not likely to be connected to an access control system to control the authentication policy or the opening or unlocking of the space.
  • They may or may not be connected to a corporate network, wifi, or even a cellular network. They may have to be mobile and move around to different locations or reside in vehicles.
  • They may have unique security requirements such as the use of mobile devices, rolling passcodes, and time-bound access control options without having access to a building access control system.

As noted, these Smart Spaces require the same level of security and control as we typically see in building security systems. The main requirements are a combination of: 

  1. High identity assurance of the people accessing the Smart Space, accomplished via ‘Adaptive Authentication’ capabilities that allow control over who can access the space. Adaptive Authentication is the ability to apply flexible authentication capabilities and policies depending on your environment and standards. Examples include any or a combination of biometric authentication, mobile-based authentication (biometric and/or digital such as DUO or Okta), card access, PIN access, and/or mobile credentials.
  2. High audit trail and reporting capabilities of access events and authentication events to meet compliance requirements.
  3. The ability to create a high Chain of Custody processes for critical assets that are contained within the Smart Space, including RFID tagging and tracking of any asset.

Examples of Smart Spaces

Examples of these Smart Spaces include:

  • Enclosures or Unmanned IT or Building Infrastructure such as dark data centers, data center cabinets, asset cages, or lockers.
  • Critical Asset Security & Chain of Custody items like safes, smart lockers, and cabinets.
  • Portable devices such as safes or cabinets that need to be mobile for relocation or vehicle storage while upholding security measures. Additionally, all data must synchronize once they reconnect to the network.
  • Edge/Micro/Modular Data Centres: These facilities often operate in remote locations with limited access to corporate networks and PAC systems. They require stand-alone authentication systems that are consistent across multiple locations.


The concept of ‘Smart Spaces’ represents a pivotal frontier in security solutions, one that BioConnect has been actively addressing for over a decade. These spaces, often overlooked by traditional access control systems, demand the same level of stringent security measures as larger areas within buildings. With characteristics ranging from mobility to unique security requirements, Smart Spaces necessitate adaptive authentication solutions and robust audit trail capabilities to ensure high identity assurance and compliance adherence. As we continue to evolve in our understanding and deployment of biometric and multi-factor authentication solutions, BioConnect remains committed to meeting the evolving security needs of Smart Spaces, safeguarding valuable assets wherever they reside. 

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