What is BioConnect Enterprise 5.0?

The latest release, version 5.0, is our most significant upgrade to date. It has transformed the Enterprise software into an authentication platform, which provides organizations with more tools and features than ever to ensure the security of their data, access points, and employees. The 5.0 release expands and enhances the capabilities of our trusted BioConnect Enterprise solution which has been used for several years to protect complex digital infrastructure, multiple office locations, and diverse employee and visitor populations.

Protect critical areas and sensitive data

Why Choose BioConnect Enterprise 5.0?

1.The Highest Level of Business Continuity and Security Compliance in the World

Data breaches have business-threatening consequences that affect an organization’s ability to function – if it can continue to function at all. Revenue loss, harm to brand reputation, compliance fines, and loss of intellectual property are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential damages. According to the 2020 Cost of Data Breach Report (IBM), the global average total cost of a data breach is USD $3.86 million, whereas the average cost of a data breach in the United States is significantly higher at USD $8.64 million (IBM).

As of 2020, 100% of large enterprises are asked to report to their board of directors on cybersecurity and technology risk (Gartner). Not only that, but by 2024, 75% of CEOs will be personally liable for cybersecurity incidents (Gartner). Prevention is far more effective than a cure. Now, more than ever before, CIOs, CSOs, and CEOs must be proactive in the management of their data by continuously monitoring breach risks and investing in the appropriate safety measures to prevent any future attacks. The BioConnect Enterprise 5.0 platform offers the highest level of business continuity because it is a continuously evolving platform that future proofs the ever-changing threats of tomorrow.

2. Highest Level of Security with Biometric Authentication to Reduce Risk of Physical Breach by 50%

BioConnect Enterprise 5.0 boasts the highest level of business continuity and security compliance, reducing the risk of a physical breach by 50%. Enterprise 5.0 is integrated into 80% of top access control manufacturers, making the implementation of the authentication platform more seamless than ever before. BioConnect Enterprise 5.0 continues to offer its market-leading integrations of the top biometric authentication devices. However, a new addition to the platform is the BioConnect Link, which now enables mobile biometric authentication for its end users. Biometric authentication significantly reduces the risk of fraudulent and unwanted access that is caused by typical authentication methods (Keys, Cards, FOBs, etc.). BioConnect Enterprise 5.0 allows the organization to utilize their existing trusted mobile authenticators that are used for digital access (such as Ping ID, Duo, and Okta) or the BioConnect Mobile Authenticator, for physical access.

Watch this video that shows just how easy it is to duplicate a key FOB

3. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership to Implement, Maintain, and Scale

Spend time managing your security, not your security system. By automating the top drivers of your operational regulatory audit and privacy costs, enterprises can save up to 80% in annual total cost of ownership with BioConnect Enterprise 5.0. BioConnect works with your existing access controls to deliver industry-leading savings and security.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
4. Managing your Access Control Solution from One Comprehensive Platform

Having one comprehensive authentication platform not only enables a seamless enrollment process, but it also allows the organization to maintain one identity across the enterprise. The implementation is made seamless by a standardized approach, including global biometric template distribution and management for simple onboarding, enrollment, and management of users at locations worldwide.

BioConnect Enterprise 5.0 Dashboard
5. Add Mobile 2 Factor Authentication to your Access Control Solution with BioConnect Link’s Integration to BioConnect Enterprise 5.0

BioConnect Enterprise 5.0 brings unity across physical and digital authentication as never previously done using BioConnect Link (Winner of The Security Industry Association’s Best Emerging Technology Award for 2020). BioConnect Link is a cost-effective, retrofit solution for doors, data centers, and MDF & IDF closets, which leverages multi-factor authentication technology commonly used in digital security to confirm a digital identity. The platform brings intelligence to access, allowing for extra mobile authentication, touchless authentication for any biometric device, along with always evolving capabilities such as performing a digital Wellness Declaration to bring employees back to the office safely.

Watch this video to see how MaRS Discovery District in Toronto used BioConnect’s Wellness Declaration Solution to safely return to the office while following new mandates.

Where to Buy BioConnect Enterprise License?

Visit https://bioconnect.com/biometric-control-door-access/bioconnect-enterprise-access-control/ to buy now or to talk to an expert.


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