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Access Control Software for Biometric Devices

Your access control system is the most important security decision you will make. Manage and scale your biometric devices from a single integration point.

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BioConnect Enterprise 5.0

The Highest Level of Security Available to Protect Organizations from Physical Breaches in One Comprehensive Platform

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BioConnect Enterprise makes it easy and cost effective to integrate biometrics into your current access control system. With simple, secure and scalable features and functions, it is tailor-made for enterprises where verifying the true identity of people is critical for secure access to both physical facilities and software applications.

Features and Specifications:

• Advanced Template Management

• Access Control Release Level Certification

• Face/Finger Device Certification

• Scalable Architecture

 Access Control System

Integrate to Your Existing Access Control

With 20+ out-of-the-box integrations, seamlessly add biometrics to your current access control infrastructure for increased security.

 Access Control System

Surpass the IT Requirements for Security

Cutting edge security technology, that creates the highest level of network, data and device protection in any biometric access control system.

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Simple Synchronization of Data

Synchronize any changes, deletions, or updates made to users in your access control platform seamlessly.


Take a Proactive Approach to Access Control

BioConnect Enterprise’s new insights feature analyzes data to better understand the system and to optimize biometric
access control management procedures.

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Your Industry Manages Access with BioConnect Enterprise Access Control


Add Biometrics to your Existing Access Control System with these  Components:

 Access Control System

Access Control Software

We integrate with the top 15 access control systems in the market so you can continue to use your existing and trusted software.

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Biometric Hardware

Purchase Suprema biometric hardware from our online store or from your access control provider for proven assurance at all access points.

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Integration Software

Our biometric integration software, BioConnect Enterprise, makes it easy and cost effective to add biometrics to your current access control system.

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Integrated into 80%+ of the Top Access Control Manufacturers

We’ve done the heavy lifting. BioConnect Enterprise is integrated into your existing Access Control Solution. Get started today.

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Simple, Scalable and Secure Biometric Access Control

Enabling Trust in the Connected World

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