Toronto, February 6, 2024 – BioConnect, a leader in biometric authentication solutions, unveils its groundbreaking “Trusted Identity Service” featuring Ai Based Face Authentication for securing physical access points. This cutting-edge solution, anchored by an outdoor-rated Face Authentication Reader, sets new standards in overall value with the combination of performance, integration, and security. 

“With our monthly subscription based Trusted Identity Service, we are not just providing security; we are redefining how biometric, and adaptive authentication for physical access control is delivered and managed. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is reflected in every aspect of this groundbreaking solution,” said Rob Douglas, Founder & CEO of BioConnect. 

Key Features & Value of the Trusted Identity Service: 

  • Comprehensive Solution: Includes BioConnect Enterprise an adaptive authentication platform supporting various modalities and integrated to the top PAC platforms; an industry-leading, AI-based, outdoor-rated Face Authentication reader, and access to Industry leading Subject Matter Experts and services to ensure a great user experience. 
  • “No Enrolment” Service: Extends BioConnect Enterprise’s 14-year experience with integrations to top PAC platforms to upload and enroll via face images seamlessly. 
  • Consent Management: Address privacy compliance and policy via an embedded consent management capability. 
  • Expert-Based Services: Installation/Upgrade Consulting, Quarterly system health checks and Live Technical Support. 
  • Adaptive Authentication: Leverage multiple authentication capabilities and options including Face, Fingerprint, Card, PIN as well as mobile/digital authentication options like Duo, Okta, PingID or BioConnect Mobile biometric authentication. 

Subject Matter Expertise and IT Security: 

  • Top Biometric Experts: Benefit from the expertise of the top biometric deployment and management professionals in the industry. 
  • Proven Scale & IT Security: A solution built by IT professionals for IT professionals. BioConnect’s solution adheres to the highest scalability, IT and security standards. 
  • Managed Services: Leverage BioConnect experts and Managed Services to manage biometric authentication systems, reducing costs and complexity. 

BioConnect – Setting New Benchmarks: 

  • Industry Firsts: Leading the market by integrating top ACMs with biometric solutions and enabling mobile authentication for physical access. 
  • Innovation: 6 consecutive years of innovation awards, including four consecutive Innovation Awards from SIA’s New Product Showcase highlight BioConnect’s commitment to innovation in technology and the secure user experience. 
  • Cyber-Secure Solutions: SOC II, Type 2 Certification and recognized for 13 years of expertise in deploying IT secure biometric authentication solutions at scale. 
  • 18000 Active Subscriptions: BioConnect’s Trust Platform boasts an impressive user base, a testament to its reliability and effectiveness. 

BioConnect’s Trusted Identity Service with Face Authentication represents a leap forward in physical access security, delivering unmatched performance, integration, and innovation. For more information, please visit

Media Contact: 

Julia Webb-Twoomey