Suprema’s expertise in biometric access control technology is enhanced by the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Suprema has consistently invested in AI-driven security solutions, which has positioned it as an unrivaled industry leader. This blog is going to delve into the top 3 ways that Suprema is using AI to revolutionize access control and biometric authentication.  

1. Optimization of AI Engine and Device  

Suprema has taken a significant step by creating a high-performance edge device capable of running AI algorithms locally. This achievement underscores Suprema’s proficiency in optimizing AI engines and devices. An outstanding aspect of Suprema’s technology lies in its ability to design lightweight AI engines that efficiently handle large datasets, thus preventing issues like overheating and hardware slowdowns. One key factor in streamlining data processing is the conversion of data from floating-point to integer, known as quantization. Suprema’s quantization technology plays a central role in reducing the model’s size and operational workload. The quantization formula they employ enhances model efficiency and boosts hardware performance. 

2. Optimization of Camera and Image  

Distinguishing between facial authentication and facial recognition, as discussed in a prior blog post, is crucial. Suprema has amassed biometric authentication data over two decades, making them an undisputed leader in facial authentication technology. To improve the accuracy of facial authentication across various environmental scenarios, it’s essential to optimize camera and image quality, enhance analysis processes, and fine-tune matching results. Suprema’s specialized preprocessing and post-processing techniques applied to face template data significantly enhance authentication accuracy. 

For a more in-depth understanding of how Suprema harnesses AI for optimal facial authentication, consider reading the Suprema white paper here. 

3. Embedded with NPU  

In 2022, Suprema adopted a cutting-edge AI processor known as the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to further enhance the performance of their AI algorithms. This advancement has led to Suprema providing highly accurate biometric authentication and effective anti-spoofing measures, enabling the detection of fake faces, fingerprints, images, and photos. Suprema’s AI algorithm leverages dynamic face templates to improve matching performance for individuals of any ethnicity, even when they wear masks, glasses, hats, beards, niqabs, or various hairstyles. Not only is it highly accurate, but it also operates at impressive speed, authenticating moving faces in just 0.2 seconds, making it exceptionally convenient for high-traffic areas. With the introduction of NPU, the performance of facial authentication has tripled compared to using GPU.