TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BioConnect is proud to announce that the latest release of BioConnect Enterprise software 5.1 and BioConnect Link 1.4.2 will be available by July 2022 as part of BioConnect’s Trust Platform.

Within the next three years most enterprises will be operating in jurisdictions that require consent from users before biometric enrollment, following in the footsteps of Europe (GDPR), Illinois (BIPA), Texas (CUBI) and California (CCPA). Traditional point-to-point biometric integrations can easily create gaps in enterprise operational controls that can result in breaches and hefty fines. To help comply with biometric privacy laws in various parts of the world, the BioConnect Trust Platform enables organizations to capture user consent for enrolling biometric data digitally with an irrefutable audit trail.

For the last twelve years, the award winning BioConnect Enterprise Software has allowed organizations to seamlessly add biometrics devices into their existing physical access control solutions and integrate all locations, users, and devices into one platform. Recognized as the highest level of security available to protect organizations from physical access breaches in one comprehensive platform the 5.1 upgrade will include highly requested, features such as; User Consent Tracking, Excel User Import, OSDP support for Gen 2 Suprema devices, 2 Person Authentication, Excel User Imports and Alerts for ‘Door Held Open’ and ‘Forced Open’.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our next generation of BioConnect Enterprise and BioConnect Link coming July 2022. This is the biggest upgrade we have ever undertaken and our customers, partners and BioConnect community will benefit from the most cutting-edge, highest security platform on the market. This is a huge advancement to the BioConnect Trust Platform.” Rob Douglas, CEO and Chairman, BioConnect.

Another core component of the Trust Platform, BioConnect Link, offers innovative solutions to a variety of authentication needs geared towards small spaces. With the use of adaptive authentication by using existing trusted mobile authenticators, such as Cisco/Duo, Okta, PingID and BioConnect mobile and its embedded HID Mobile credential capability – Link offers a unique, elevated authentication experience for physical access without replacing reader infrastructure. Link 1.4.2 continues this trend and focuses more on being a comprehensive small access solution by providing Key and Safe Cabinet standalone solutions which are based on BioConnect’s trusted enterprise level security, smart user experience, real time alerting and robustness which provide layers of redundancy to ensure authentication of access is not affected even while offline.

The BioConnect Trust Platform is designed for large enterprises with complex infrastructures at scale, this new update will be available in July 2022. Join BioConnect on June 15th from 12-5 PM EDT for their virtual Annual Customer Symposium.

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