CorMatrix® Cardiovascular develops innovative biomaterial devices that harness the body’s innate ability to repair its own damaged heart tissue. After moving to a new head office in the greater Atlanta area, they needed a scalable biometric access control solution for a greenfield site without prior access control in place. The facility consists of 80,000 square feet, with plans to expand over the next year.

Timberline Security Services was hired by CorMatrix to identify and implement an identity management system. CorMatrix’s requirements for the system were straightforward. It had to be easy to manage, easy to use, completely reliable, and it had to be a scalable biometric system that could handle a rapidly growing company. They also needed it to be fully integrated for seamless identity management of access control and time and attendance.


“I deal with IT support vendors all the time and BioConnect has one of the best support teams I’ve worked with. I’ve never had to wait on hold and their technical experts really want to help,” says Derek Dever, president and CEO of Timberline Security Services.” said Mike Schuster

Timberline identified several possible scalable biometric systems through ADI Global, a leading wholesale distributor of security and low voltage products. After attending a presentation at a local ADI Global conference that showcased the combined Suprema and BioConnect identity management solution, Timberline identified them as the right hardware and technical support provider for successful installation and deployment.

The combined Suprema and BioConnect solution was chosen for its core finger biometric technology, integrated software that can manage both access control and time and attendance, and for the cost effective Secure 1/0 system. Also integral to the selection process was the ability to address multiple doors – all within one cost-effective, integrated package.

For Mike McLean, CorMatrix’s IT Manager, the decision to use biometrics was simple. ‘I was asked to install an access control system for our new building and the first thing that came to mind from past experience was the management of all the cards, or should I say ‘lost, forgotten or stolen cards.’ This prompted us to seek out another solution. I was aware of biometrics but I hadn’t had much success with it in the past. BioConnect’ s deep expertise, comprehensive offering and the Suprema line of readers convinced me to give biometrics another try.’

About CorMatrix

CorMatrix® Cardiovascular, Inc. was founded in 2001 as a privately held medical device company dedicated to developing and delivering innovative biomaterial devices that harness the body’s own innate ability to repair damaged heart tissue. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the company is currently researching, developing and commercializing a platform technology known as CorMatrix ECM® for a variety of cardiovascular indications, and has U.S. clearance and European approval (with a CE Mark) for its ECM technology as an implant for pericardia! closure and for use in cardiac tissue repair, as well as U.S. clearance for carotid repair. With significant patent protection, CorMatrix is poised to successfully expand its current line of products. For more information, visit