Version 1.4.2

BioConnect Link

The latest release of BioConnect Link software is an exciting one with new features such as:

  • MedixSafe – Safe & Key Cabinet Mode
  • Enhanced Offline Database
  • PIN Support
  • Alerting Updates
  • Access Level Support – Groups


New Features

Safe & Key Cabinet Mode

Users can now secure safes and key cabinets using the Link Solution. Secure your narcotics, small assets and keys with Link.

Enhanced Offline Database

Increased redundancy and authentication while offline.

‘Door Held Open’ Alerting

Enable alerting anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes after a door has been held open to ensure proper security of your assets. When time is exceeded, the alarm will sound at the device. Available for BioStation 2 only.

‘Door Forced Open’ Alerting

This feature enables an alarm to sound if a door has been forced open to ensure the protection of your assets.

PIN Support

Varying, adaptive levels of authentication.

Access Levels (Groups)

This feature allows you to select a group of users that can access specific devices.