BioConnect Enterprise – Template Consent

November 24, 2021


An organization with which you work (we will refer to that entity as ‘your organization’) uses the BioConnect Enterprise solution from BioConnect Inc. This solution allows your organization to grant you access to its spaces using biometric information. Your organization has chosen to track your consent to their use of your information for the purposes of access control through BioConnect Enterprise.

As part of this consent tracking feature, BioConnect Inc. will collect, store, share with your organization and use the following information:

  1. your name
  2. your email address
  3. your organization’s name
  4. your IP address
  5. the date and time that you provide your consent
  6. the version of consent you have provided
  7. Consent code generated by BioConnect Enterprise

BioConnect will use the above information to provide this consent tracking feature to your organization so they can have a record of who has consented to using the BioConnect Enterprise solution. Your information will be retained by BioConnect only so long as your organization subscribes to the consent tracking feature. BioConnect may use anonymized or de-identified information which does not identify you to improve its products and to provide support or services to you or your organization.

BioConnect’s software uses biometric technology to provide security to your Organization; as part of this, BioConnect will store a template based on the enrolment of your face or fingerprint which you voluntarily provide as part of the enrollment process. This biometric template will be later used to identify you for security purposes by your organization.

Your enterprise will collect, store and use the following information in relation to BioConnect Enterprise:

  1. your name
  2. your email address
  3. your IP address
  4. the date and time that you provide your consent
  5. the version of consent you have provided
  6. your biometric information
  7. Consent Code

By consenting to use BioConnect Enterprise, you are consenting to the following:

  1. BioConnect will use your information as stated above.
  2. Your organization will use your information.
  3. Your information will be collected and used by your organization to track your consent, to cross-reference it to the information about you that is captured in your organization’s pre-existing access control system (which manages the physical opening, locking and closing of doors and other access points at your organization) and to authenticate your identity to give you access to their spaces.
  4. Your biometric information is stored on a server that is hosted by your organization. Other non-biometric information (such as your name, etc.) may be stored securely on BioConnect’s servers, for the purposes of reporting and auditing by your organization.
  5. Your organization will determine how long they will retain your information, and ensuring it is destroyed securely at the end of that time.


You should contact your organization to request that any of your information be amended, deleted or transported.