Regulated Markets

Secure your facilities and meet (and exceed) regulatory privacy and compliance standards.

Regulated markets require secure access to facilities and meeting high compliance standards.

Facilities in regulated markets often have higher than most regulatory compliance and privacy standards. Ensuring secure access to these facilities is only one part of the equation. Being able to provide an accurate audit trail of who has accessed what, where, when and why, helps ensure compliance standards are being met. BioConnect’s biometric access solutions help you meet and exceed those requirements.


Standardized & Scalable

Adaptable to local requirements and changing regulatory requirements (BIPA, CCPA, GDPR, SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA etc.)

Centralized Automation

For Privacy, Compliance, Privileged Admins, Security Officers and Users resulting in lower total cost of ownership

Trusted Access

Knowing who is accessing facilities and secure areas is more important than ever. The risk of unauthorized access can be detrimental.

Regulatory Markets Uses

What can you protect in regulatory markets?

Customer & Visitor Access

Employee Building Access

Server Cabinets and Racks/Cages

Maintenance and Service Access

Recommended Products

Which products should you use to secure access to these areas?

Not sure which device is for you?

Try our Solution Builder to create the perfect security soluton for your needs.

Key Features


Trusted Access

Let the right people in, and keep the wrong ones out with trusted authentication methods such as biometric fingerprint verification.


Remote Enrollment & User Management

Physical credentials such as cards and fobs are hard to revoke. The BC Mobile authenticator can be issued and revoked – and users can enroll entirely remotely.

Mobile Survey

Require service workers or visitors to complete a mobile survey outlining the reason for their entry into a cabinet. Get a complete audit log of who accessed what, where, when and why.

Trusted to protect the most secure areas around the world.

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