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Get the Most out of Your Biometric Systems

Purchase a Support Agreement and get access to Insights for BioConnect Enterprise. Make proactive decisions to address user enrolment or device issues before they impact system performance. 

A Notification System to Help you Identify Key Issues in Advance

Devices that Need Maintenance

You can’t afford down time when it comes to security. Address maintenance issues before the device goes offline.

When Users Have Difficulty Authenticating

Keep user security and convenience top of mind. Insights helps to reduce unnecessary security escalations.

When Devices Encounter Network Issues

Diagnose problems and restore normal device network operations before it hinders use.

Trends in your System Performance

Proactive system management

User Authentication Issues

Are some users having more trouble than others? If yes, it might be time for a re-enrollment or a training session.

Total Number of Enrolled Users

View the total number of total users in your system. You might need to add or remove users as needed.

Device Outages

Are some device locations going down more than others? It might be time to change device locations.

Gain Access To Insights for BioConnect Enterprise

Purchase a Support Agreement and get access to Insights for BioConnect Enterprise.


Add Biometrics to your Access Control System

Your access control system is the most important security decision you will make. Manage and scale your biometric devices from a single integration point. 

Ready to Get Started?

See how biometric authentication can help

Enabling Trust in the Connected World

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