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Data Centers | CabinetShield

Dual-Factor Authentication at the Cabinet: for Data Center Access Control and Compliance

Add CabinetShield to your data center access control solution using the BioConnect Enterprise Software to increase compliance and security.

data center access control
biometric device for data center

125 KHz HID Prox


Highest Security and Protection of your Data

Biometrics and multi-factor authentication provide secure control of your data

Indisputable Audit Trail

Event-based reporting with stronger assurance of identity to access critical data

Fits all standard EMKA style cut outs

50x50mm sizing fits majority of cabinets

Insights for BioConnect Enterprise

Add Biometrics to Your Access Control System

Your access control system is the most important security decision you will make. Manage and scale your biometric devices from a single integration point.

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See how biometric authentication can help

Enabling Trust in the Connected World

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