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Biometric Authentication for Employee Access

Convenient for the User. Secure for the Enterprise.

Data and employees are the most important aspect of any business – and they are the most susceptible to fraud, hacking and social engineering. Secure your applications with BioConnect.

Solution Benefits

True Multi-Factor Authentication

Step-Up Client Access

Add additional security with multi-factor authentication, incorporating something you have, something you know and something you are, providing a layered defence against unauthorized access.

Secure Content Access

Data is a Valuable Resource

From secure portal access to downloading sensitive documents, is of utmost importance to assure the right person is receiving the data and gaining access.

VPN Access

Real-Time Access Security

Employees can work securely by accessing a corporate network using multi-factor authentication. Making your corporation more secure than using legacy technology.

Identity Proofing

Who is Accessing What, When

Organizations are facing critical issues with identity proofing to combat the continual rise in identity theft and ever-changing fraud schemes.

Top Use Cases for Employee Access

VPN Access

Secure Portal Login

81% of hacking-related breaches leveraged either stolen and/or weak passwords.

See How Biometric Authentication Can Help

eBook: The Path to Greater Identity Assurance

Download our eBook to learn more about how prescriptive analytics can help the enterprise decrease risk and mitigate malicious activity with actionable insights. 

Enabling Trust in the Connected World

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