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The Most Advanced Protection for Biometric Devices, Networks & Critical Data

Cybershield adds an additional layer of protection to any level of BioConnect Enterprise deployment.







A Secure & Customizable Solution to Meet the Toughest IT Requirements

Protect and prevent against direct critical infrastructure attacks at both a physical and network level.

Customize your security levels to ensure secure communication across your network to meet stringent IT requirements.

Customizable TLS Certificate Authentication

Communication between server and device is secured by customizable TLS certificate keys.

Customize Security Processes

Customize security levels and keys to ensure secure communication across the network.

IPV4/V6 Dual-Stack Network Support

Futureproof your system in preparation for impending IPV6 transition.

Multi-Layer Data Encryption

Leading data protection standards implemented throughout platform infrastructure.

Prevent Costly Cyber Attacks

Helps protect and prevent direct critical infrastructure attacks at both a physical and network level.

Secure All Network End Points

Although deployed in high security areas, your devices have very little security protecting themselves.

802.1X Network

Secure all network endpoints with 802.1X standard protocols.


Network-Based Security Features

Biometric Encryption

Unique System Encryption

Live ACM Data Sync

Communication Layer
(TLS, AES 256, Secure SDK)

Network Layer
(IEEE 802.1X)

Future Proofing
(IPv4 to IPv6)

Device Hardening
(Tamper etc.)




Add Biometrics to your Existing Access Control System with these  Components:

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Access Control Software

We integrate with the top 15 access control systems in the market so you can continue to use your existing and trusted software.

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Biometric Hardware

Purchase Suprema biometric hardware from our online store or your access control provider for proven assurance at all access points.

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Integration Software

Our biometric integration software, BioConnect Enterprise, makes it easy and cost effective to add biometrics to your current access control system.

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Integrated into 80%+ of the Top Access Control Manufacturers

We’ve done the heavy lifting. BioConnect Enterprise is integrated into your existing Access Control Solution. Get started today.

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Solution Overview


A security solution built for the age of Enterprise IT.

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75 Data Records are Lost or Stolen Every Second

Be prepared for what you never saw coming.

Enabling Trust in the Connected World

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