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Multi-Factor Authentication App

A mobile app for biometric verification of the user.
Available on Android and iOS devices.

iPhone with Verification Request on the screen

Why BioConnect for Multi-Factor Mobile Authentication

mobile step up authentication for biometric access control of online portal

Protect your daily transactions with your biometrics

Receive authentication requests with push notifications

Verify an authentication request with your biometrics

Easily manage your profile and enroll your biometrics

Biometric Enrollment and Verification

Allow the user to choose their biometrics – or, for high-security transaction, the enterprise can make the decision with selective modality authentication.

choosing modalities for verification request on mobile phone

BioConnect vs Native Biometrics

BioConnect delivers a lower cost of ownership by providing a standards based plug-and-play platform that allows for enterprise controlled multi-modal biometric authentication for exact identity

Mobile Trend Report

Mobile Technology is Changing the Game for Biometric Solutions

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81% of hacking-related breaches leveraged either stolen and/or weak passwords.

See How Biometric Authentication Can Help